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FoX and OMaS October Contest - 2 weeks left

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 30, 2014, 7:55 AM
Okay guys, there's only 2 weeks left on the contest. If you want to partake in the contest get your entries in ASAP.
We got a few people who already submitted their art and writings. Don't miss out! Remember, you can't win if you don't enter anything. That would be unfair to those who tried their best and entered.

Be sure to get all entries in by the 31st, Halloween people!

I"ll be watching for your entries!


I'm opening up a "Fall of Xephos" and "Of Magic and Science" for the month of October. Starting Oct. 1st all entries must be among the following methods:


There were be only two categories. Drawn and Typed. Traditional and Digital will be in the  "Drawn" Category while Written and Typed will be in the "Story" category. There will not be two categories for Fox and then two for OMaS. There's only 2 categories all together.

In the next 31 days of October, the theme that will be drawn will only apply to the Yogscast Universe (mainly on the FoX and OMaS universes). Anything not pertaining Yogscast will omitted from the contest.

When you have an entry, submit your entry via Note/Here on the Journal. I will see them either way. If you submit them anywhere else I won't place them in the contest. 

I will have 2 places for each category this year. A grand prize and a first runner up.

:bulletred: Grand Prize :bulletred:
3 month subscription to DeviantArt
A free FoX Comic Book (if you don't have one already)
2 Fully Colored Digital request
Your Minecraft Character seen in the next Issue of FoX vol 2
Your winning entry shown and featured in the Dedication Pages of FoX vol2

:bulletred: First Runner Up :bulletred: 

1 Month Subscription DeviantArt
A Free FoX Comic Book (if you don't have one already) 
1 fully colored digital request
1 sketch request
Winning Entry Made Mention in the Dedication Pages of FoX Vol2

:bulletgreen: Drawing Category Entries :bulletgreen:

1) :iconhwarriorcat88:  Xephos
2) :iconeevee725: Skylord Vitali by eevee725
3) :iconthejokerscards: sweet memes bro by TheJokersCards
4) :iconfrost-dragon-angel: Is there a reason why you are watching me? by frost-dragon-angel
5) :iconnighthunter081: Countdown to Destruction by NightHunter081
6) :iconyogscastfannetwork: Nuke! by YogscastFanNetwork
7) :iconjazzykat12: Israphel made me do it... FoX contest entry by jazzykat12
8) :iconlostcrystal: Oh hello... by LostCrystal
9) :iconshartruse: FoX and OMaS contest entry by Shartruse
10) :iconhachikowan: OMaS - Contest entry by Hachikowan
11) :iconlightbluecookie: DordtChild's Fox and OMaS Contest Entry by Lightbluecookie

:bulletgreen: Written Category Entries :bulletgreen:

1) :icondawsomite:  DordtChild Contest Song: Where's the Bloody SoI
Hey Mr. Brindly, refrenced it regularly
Said he had a plan. My oh my.
But we've yet to see, guess he's to busy.
Said so long ago just don't deny.
Yes we know it's tough, but we've had enough.
Wheres the Bloody SoI?
I cant make you work,
Plus Sjin just goes and twerks.
Makes me sad I just want to cry.
That is why I say, oh yes yet again.
Where's the Bloody SoI?
26 monthes is way too long,
It's top quality dont get me wrong.
Just want things to go faster,
For that pale faced bow-master.
Another vid I see, another vid I see,
More vids more vids many vids I see.
Another vid I see yes another vid I see.
None of them Israphel where's part 43?
Wish we had some more of Swampy.
Jaffa Factory, Better than Sumotori
Race for the Wool just makes me die.
Tempers running low, just shows what you know.
More Voltz and Diversity.
Yogs give me the job I will have a go.
I will make more SoI!
Another vid I see, yes another vid I see.
More Vids More Vids many vids I see.
Another vid I see yes another vid I

2) :iconkellemarine:  Reasoning with the Devil"No! Please, listen to me! You don't have to go through with this."
"On the contrary, Skylord_Amber. I must do this. And I have no problem killing you, just as I had no problems killing the other skylords."
Amber backed away from her fiancÚ. Out of all the people in the world, out of all the skylords, why did it have to be Vitali? Up until today she had been certain she could have handled this sort of thing happening to anyone. Now she knew she was wrong. Why did Israphel have to go after Vitali? Skylord_Amber kept her hand on the hilt of her sword, not taking her eyes off of Vitali. She would defend her life if she had to, but she knew fully well that she could never bring herself to kill her lover.
Giving her a menacing smile, Vitali advanced on her as he slowly drew his sword from its scabbard. "The skylords are finished, Amber."
"That's not true! Lysander and Jasper are still out there somewhere and when they find out about what you've done-"
Vitali chuckled coldly before speaking.

3) :iconwuffers:  Child of the FluxI feel her calling to me.
Every day she threatens to claim me, take me over so she can spread. I hold her back, but with every passing day I lose my grip just a little more.
This is their fault. They made me like this. Their games, secrets and experiments... All of it made me into this creature.
Now I'm hunted to be locked away once again. To be a prisoner behind walls. Not as though I already am. I have always been a prisoner since that one day where my life changed.
And it's not as though walls could hold me anymore anyway. The magic I hold, the power within me, is greater than those two fools who think they can hold me down, hold me back. As they play with their little spells and stupid wands, I can control creatures and even the earth.
As I walk, it's as the ground becomes stained a dark color. Plants and animals are in a state of being alive and dead. All I have to do is summon and they head my call.
No one can touch me for I am her daughter. Those who go against me are powerless.

4) :iconomephsuemint:  Livid and the Daughter of Flux     Dark spruce forest frowned on either side of the castle’s base.  The trees had been stripped of their dieing coat of leaves by a recent wind, and they seemed to lean toward each other, black and ominous, in the fading light.  A vast silence reigned over the lifeless land.  A desolation without movement, so lone and cold. There was a hint of laughter in the wind, but of a laughter more terrible than any sadness--  A man, who calls himself Livid, whose laughter is cold as ice. He laughs at the pointlessness, and effort of life.
     But there was life, abroad in Livid’s mind. Caged in the tainted brain toiled a scientist, called Lalna, trapped in his own creation after a failed experiment. His clothes were rimmed with the taint. His breath froze in the air as it left his mouth, spouting in spumes of vapor that settled upon the hair on his head and formed into crystals of ice. Steel bars surrounded him, and they seemed to

5) :iconmiya-sakura-uchiha:  The Legend of the Four PowersRidge smiled looking around the room. It was story time for all of the kids of his friends. Some looked exactly like their parents. His own son was talking to the girl next to him. “Alright everyone it’s time for the story. Now then what story would we like this week?”
“Dad! Dad! Legend of the Four Powers!” the little boy said very excitedly. The girl giggled softly before the other children chimed in agreement.
“Ah, the legend of the four powers. A sad story, a scary story and at least in one case a happy story all wrapped into one little package.” Ridge said sitting down smiling. He stretched slightly before thinking to himself. “Well then gather around all those who wish to hear. The story of the reapers, the world, and the four powers.” There was a pause before he started his story.
“There once was only one world, one realm balanced by the four powers. Each power was embodied by the four beings. They once were beings of li

6) :iconttaf1991:  Darkness' FlameSilence.
It's deafening when you're experiencing it to this extent.  Being able to hear everything around you but the silence from you nearly kills you inside.  What brought it about?
You're uncertain.  A flaming rage inside you that exploded out of you.  An explosion that effected those closest to you.  Those you didn't even know were closest to you even.
You watch them from the shell you're in.  The silent shell that everyone is watching.
Something you're accustomed to within the caves.  Only now it's a new darkness.  Something that almost hurts.  Those watching you won't let you in the dark so you don't feel it as much as you would think.
The close ones are becoming less familiar.  Their voices nearly muffled.  You see the green eyes of two closest to you.  One set worried, the other is concentrating.  You hear hurried snaps from a voice vaguely familiar.


Remember, You only have the month of October. The last day of entry acceptance is midnight on Oct. 31st. Time will go by fast. Get those entries in!
If you don't, you wont have a chance to snag one of the 4 prize places.

Have fun my contestants!



Link to my Etsy Comic Sales…?

FoX and OMaS Commissions

Currently only "Fall of Xephos" is on commission based, so with that

35$ will get you two pages of FoX

As for OMaS, it's still free until Chapter 2.

Now, you can commission FoX and OMaS solo images (inked, colored, multi people)

Just send me a note and I'll gauge you a price ^_^


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